Join us for our February exhibition opening “Signs and Symptoms” by Chloe Crawford. This exhibition will take place once again at Slighty Cafe in Eugene, Oregon on February 24th, from 6-9pm. Chloe works in a range of mediums, from painting and weaving to objects and graphic design.



Statement from the artist:


This work is about interacting with the world as a disabled person. I am interested in what non-disabled people know about disability (the signs), and how that differs from what disabled people know (the symptoms).

The work hangs at different heights with different perspectives, altering typical single-level displays which reserve the most privileged views for people whose eyes fall precisely five feet from the ground.

I invoke the overlooked and underestimated through everyday objects, teenage girls, and stay-at-home crafters as my stylistic influences. This shares a conceptual framework with disability: disabled people are routinely invisible and our contributions marginalized; we have historically been, and continue to be in many parts of the world, shut-in, self-taught outsiders.

My process involves self-imposing barriers, like hanging a canvas out of my reach in Reach New Heights I & II, and problem-solving barriers, like printing an image on a towel for easier movability in New Wheels.


Find Chloe online:


Signs and Symptoms by Chloe Crawford
February 24th – March 29th
Opening reception, Saturday Feb. 24th, 6-9pm
Slightly Cafe
545 East 8th Ave, Suite A
Eugene, Oregon 97401


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