ECA is really excited to be collaborating with Tropical Contemporary for November’s First Friday Art Walk. It’s time for some new blood to be injected into our city’s art scene.

From the “Teenybopper” press release:

… a group pop-up show featuring twelve Eugene-based artists. The exhibition is the first for Tropical Contemporary, with venue support provided by Eugene Contemporary Art.

This show will present a diverse range of artists working in video, painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture who are all in the midst of their own coming of age narratives.

If you are bored with the typical art walk opportunities available to us in Eugene, then I urge you to drag your friends out to see this show. It will not disappoint.

For those who haven’t heard of Tropical Contemporary, please check out their website to learn more about the group, and their campaign to raise funds for a permanent space. ECA is merely assisting them with promotional and venue support for this show, through our partners at Artsdigital.co, who’ve helped host our last two pop-ups.

ECA also wants to extend a big “thanks” to the brothers Bruce and Jerry Wilson for their support of the art activity happening at Artsdigital’s studio, and their willingness to let us extend the use of their building on Olive for art events. (FYI, the building is for sale, and we would not be mad at anyone who wanted to purchase it for arts use, and to help further the work of ECA and Tropical Contemporary)

This time around the show will be upstairs from our previous two events:

November, 6th, 2015
949 Olive Street in Broadway alley
Eugene, OR, 97401

If you are on Facebook, here’s the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1643161592639535/