October Exhibition


ECA is excited to launch our new partnership with one of our favorite cafe/bars in Eugene, The Barn Light. If you caught our extended June pop-up show there for Imogen Banks, then you know they’ve got a really cool event space next to their East cafe location. They have given us a chance to produce a run of shows in their space for 2016-17, and we are kicking off with our first proper opening this Oct 1st, for Mandy Hampton, who works in a range of sculpture-based media.




From her recent statement:

“My work aims to both challenge and collaborate with material in an effort to discover meaning through process. Often a single object or material will instigate an entire series of works, as I experiment and test the limits for what can be done to that material. This collaborative approach makes space for the unexpected and reveals possibilities. My current material of choice is sawdust, mixed into a paste-like mâché. Sawdust consumes everything it encounters, freezing objects into a state of permanence. Each piece begins with the placement of geometric frames or found objects, which are then swallowed up by layers of wire, paper mâché, and finally a mixture of sawdust mâché. My hand is evident in the form and surface, yet the sawdust exerts its own power as it dries; the form contracts on itself, bowing to gravity and compressing space. The process transforms these rigid frames into biomorphic entities, with cracked surfaces and openings that reveal internal spaces. While primarily abstract, these sculptures reference cavernous spaces, bodies, and possibly mythical creatures, all of which are influenced by my experiences in the wilderness and an appetite for science fiction. The sculptures exist as remnants of my own experience, but I hope that they also prompt the viewer’s own imagination towards an experience of their own.”


Special thanks to Julia Oldham for helping us with our video. Please share it to help spread the word, and come check out Mandy Hampton’s work during the month of October.

“Layers that Swallow”
Work in sawdust and paper by Mandy Hampton
at the Barn Light East
Opening reception, Oct. 1st, 6pm
545 E 8th Ave


Eugene, OR, 97401 map


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