Drawing as Language

The purpose of Drawing as Language was to create a working, studio-like atmosphere that was open to the public. Held during the annual Whiteaker Block Party, passersby on the street were able to come in throughout the day, see the progress, and talk to the artists while they worked. This kind of performative drawing – in which the process contributes toward the content – did not seek to make a statement as to what drawing should or should not be. But rather to show how the language of visual mark making, much like spoken language – needs context and time to take shape and have meaning. This meaning is finally gained or extracted when the ‘language’ has been exchanged between the artist (speaker) and viewer (listener).

Thanks to Max Earnest, Dan Shaw, and Sarah Nance for joining us throughout the day. Special thanks to Copic Marker, USA/Imagination International, who provided markers and material support.

Images by Kari Marie.

Drawing as Language was a full day drawing performance held in our Wave art space on Aug, 4th, 2012.