Damon Harris

Public Process 3 – Damon Harris

“The Initial Conditions”

6/07/2013 – 7/5/2013


Damon Harris’ ideas regarding the work involve the attempt to find other, more complete ways of being through the creation of structural models. The work operates at the intersection between the material of a structure, its conceptual framework and the specific space in which it is built, made more complex through the incorporation of personal symbols and systems of classification.

In this body of work, Harris has taken inspiration from scientific discovery machines and milestones (Voyager Spacecraft, CERN Large Hadron Collider, Lunar Lander etc.) and is interested in the metaphorical connection between these highly advanced (although despite their complexity, particularly vulnerable) man-made objects designed to operate at the very edge of what is possible or knowable, and the fragile, makeshift shelters built as a child using discarded materials found in the woods. Harris states that “both feel like attempts to simultaneously engage in and be insulated from that which is physically and conceptually uncharted.”