ECA is proud to announce Damon Harris as our newest resident artist for Public Process 3! Harris has already begun work in ECA’s space at The Wave gallery and will be having upcoming Open Studios in the near future.

A Eugene-based artist, Harris received his MFA from University of Oregon in 2009 following a BFA at Murray State University in Kentucky in 2005. Harris has held positions as Co-Director of Ditch Projects Art Space in Springfield, OR, as well as Adjunct Professor of Art at University of Oregon.

Harris’ work explores intersection between the material of a structure, its conceptual framework, and the specific space in which it is built.

Taking inspiration from scientific discovery machines and milestones (Voyager Spacecraft, CERN Large Hadron Collider, Lunar Lander etc.), Harris is interested in the metaphorical connection between these highly advanced, complex-yet-vulnerable man-made objects, and the fragile, makeshift shelters built as a child using discarded materials found in the woods.

Harris states that “both feel like attempts to simultaneously engage in and be insulated from that which is physically and conceptually uncharted.”


Damon Harris at Clayspace


The artist frequently mixes construction materials with more complex objects. He has created 300 ceramic pyramid tiles to be used in the work being developed during Public Process 3. Come to our Open Studio nights to see it unfold.

Check out the upcoming dates as part of Public Process 3!

Thursday May 16, 7-8pm: Open Studio 1
Thursday May 23, 7-8pm: Open Studio 2
Thursday May 30, 7-8pm: Open Studio 3
Friday June 6, 7-9pm: Damon Harris OPENING @ The Wave