ECA has immediate volunteer openings for the following:

Curatorial Partner

Eugene Contemporary Art (ECA) is seeking a curatorial partner to aid in developing small shows, events, street interventions and presentations. If you have a BFA, MFA and/or experience organizing contemporary art events, have a good eye, a knowledge of contemporary art practice and theory – but also a healthy pessimism of “academic” art and it’s difficulty in connecting with the average citizen – then you are right for the job. Be professional, dependable, open and good at collaboration.

We seek to develop a lean, low-overhead approach to providing contemporary art experiences and exhibitions for the downtown area, and to be a driving force in the arts and cultural opportunities available to emerging artists and patrons.

Benefits: Eugene is poised for growth and cultural development, and you can have a hand in shaping the art available to be seen in and around Eugene. The right person will get to be a shaping force in the growth of ECA.

Pay: Glory, beer, and high fives until we scale appropriately, and develop a solid profit model. For now, this is a volunteer position.

Brief history:

From 2012-2014, Eugene Contemporary Art operated a artist space and residency program in the Whiteaker district. Due to lack of funding and founder bandwidth, we closed our space and went on hiatus. We no longer have non-profit status, but have teamed up with a local design agency for web, marketing and design support. They have also give us use of their small studio (white walls!) for pop-up events in the downtown area.

Interested parties should do the following:

*Please note you will not be able to upload files to our contact page, so please either paste the plain text into the doc, or let us know you have a resume you can provide and we will contact you directly.

If you know someone who may be interested in this, please share the link.